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...tea time with friends never needs to end...

PyJaMaPaRtY <3
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= PyJaMa PaRtY CoMmUnItY: =

Mods: loopetyloop (aka mod AlyG) & katherinegirl (aka Kathy)

You must apply for membership in a post before you can be chosen to join or NOT!
So, please post the following information!

Favorite Color:
Something Random About Yourself:
What makes you so special:
Photo of you in girly pjs: (yes, even bois must wear girly pjs! <3) Everyone should post a photo or else you're kicked out. We need hawt pics of us all! =D haha
The following rules apply to everyone and must be followed.


1. Must be a girl or a girly boi who's willing to dance around like a faerie and wear cute pjs for everyone to see!
2. Don't be hating or hurting feelings. If any name calling goes on you're booted or given a fair warning (considering the weight of the situation).
3. Cussin's allowed, just don't say FUCK every five seconds, KaY?
4. <3 Be happy! Post whatever you think is appropriate, and even if it isn't pyjama party related (like news, etc) it's okay. Just follow rules and you'll be set!

Have the best day,

PyJaMaPaRtY ModzZeS!